Tawharanui weekend

Tawharanui camp. 30 November - 1 December. Leaders Sam & Barrie

NOTE 20 Nov - Tawharanui campsite is full, but Russ and Larraine have got into Sandspit campground...  and will be going to Matakana for dinner and/or takeaways as it is just down the road from Sandspit.  The drive from Sandspit - Jones Bay is about 30 minutes.  If Sandspit is full, try Martin's Bay.

Some are going up Friday.  Meeting time is 9.30am Saturday morning so that those who are not staying Friday night have time to get up there without having to start too early.  We are camping at Tawharanui Campground.  Book your own campsite here... - please ensure that you read all of the provided information on the webpage under "Need to Know" about keeping the area pest free. Campground has a water supply and long drop toilets.  You need to take all your camping gear, food and a means to cook it.  

Note that the main gate closes at 9pm in summer so make sure you are in before then.

Getting there - head north to Warkworth; through Matakana, signposted from there; or your phone will know. 
Travel time about 1.5 - 2 hours.

Tawharanui Peninsula is a beautiful paddling destination with plenty of options.  Generally sheltered on the southern side, there is some lovely rock gardening.  It is recommended that you take your helmet if you have one;  or they are available for hire at the shop for $6 per day.   This is a wildlife sanctuary so please ensure that you have no stowaways such as rodents, ants etc.  

Trips planned - 

Saturday – meet at Jones Bay 10:00. Jones Bay round the peninsula to Anchor Bay were we can have a stop for swim/play in the surf/food etc, then return to Jones Bay. This is about 16k, if anybody just wants to go one way we could probably arrange kayak transport from campsite to Jones Bay or a car shuttle depending on numbers, this will need some notice, so don’t wait until Saturday morning at Jones bay to make the decision.


Sunday – Break camp, then meet at Jones Bay 11:00. We will go across to Kawau Island and visit Mansion House in Bon Accord Harbour and then back to Jones Bay by 5-6pm depending on how much fun we’re having!. This will be 16 – 17k probably with a couple of stops.


These will obviously depend on the weather conditions, so may change.

Hire kayaks are available, and kayak transportation provided if required.  

There is also some lovely walking on the peninsula, and stop in for an ice-cream or coffee at Matakana on the way home.

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