Sea Kayak Skills Course

Sea Kayak Skills Course
Anyone can get into a kayak and make it go, it is not difficult.  But we frequently hear of people who get into trouble as a direct result of inadequate skills and knowledge. Don't become a statistic.

This is a comprehensive course run by Canoe & Kayak, designed to cover the skills required to become a technically correct and safe paddler.  The course is arranged in a progressive manner to allow you to develop techniques and confidence at an enjoyable pace with great end results.

The first session is held on a Tuesday evening in the warm waters of a local pool.  We cover basic safety, including building your confidence, wet exits, and rescues.

Saturday is held in sheltered water where you learn kayak handling and paddle skills, and go over the rescues again.  Lunch is back at the shop were we cover some theory.

On Sunday we head off for the day to practice what you have already learnt and cover the issues of paddling in the Auckland area.  This includes weather, trip planning, communications, safety equipment, and we have a great day out.  

Once you have completed your course you can become a member of the Yakity Yak Kayak Club.  We have trips every week, and they include short and easy trips suitable for beginners, surfing sessions, moonlight paddles to the pub, multi-day adventures.  There is no charge to come on club outings except kayak hire if you don't have your own.

Cost of the course is $395 and the kayak and all equipment is provided.

The annual membership fee to the Yakity Yak Kayak Club is $75.  Club members are able to hire a kayak for $50 per day with all the gear which is a 50% discount. Members also receive a 10% discount of many of the goods in store.

For further information call into the shop and have a chat with our friendly staff.

To enroll for a course, please complete the online form here...

For more information please phone us on (09) 815 2073

Testimonials -

Reflecting on yesterday’s paddle I just wanted to say thanks for the way you both run such a slick operation that whilst maintaining enjoyment, you promote safety as number one, cover all the range of possibilities and install confidence in people with the high level of quality instruction throughout the day.   A lot of work goes into running a trip like yesterday and it is easy for all this to go unnoticed and without recognition. There is never a need for new paddlers to have any trepidation for such an outing with you both in charge.   

The strengths of this course are the outstanding leaders and instructors, Russell & Larraine. 

They were inspiring, informative, caring and helpful.

I would just like to thank you all for a wonderful and well organized course I attended this weekend.
I found it to be professional, helpful, well presented and easy to follow. The effort you [Russell], Larraine and your staff have dedicated to this training course is fantastic. The course content and instructions were great and I found it not only to be helpful in avoiding potential bad habits, but loads of fun. The food was great, the loads of chocolates were much appreciated and the coffee sure warmed things up after the wet exits – thanks !
I also make mention of the help and advice you showed to all us newbie’s with assisting us in our decisions in clothing, buoyancy aids, booties and all the other necessary goodies. 
I am so looking forward to the next trip out with the club!
Thanks again for the great intro to sea kayaking.

I just wanted to thank you for a great experience!  Two years ago, I always kept close to the shore, because I really had no ocean confidence, at all. In fact, I rather quickly developed a lot of respect for the forces out there, which made me doubt if kayaking was the right thing for me to do for an outdoor activity.
After your course, this hesitation has gone. Especially, paddling in a group is so much more fun than doing it all alone, and - I don't know if this is typical or not - I found the people on this course to be really nice and easy going. Such a joy!



Can't wait to do more trips.  All the instructors were great. Thanks.


Had a great time.  Seemed quite pricey when I looked at the web site, but turned out to be worth every dollar!

Really appreciated how warm and friendly and helpful the staff were, including how prepared, even down to being able to bandage my toe [when I stubbed it].  Had an absolutely wonderful experience.  Thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks.

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