Yakity Yak Practise

Tuesday 14 January.  

We have a pool session booked and have decided to have a practise session for club members.  This will be 100% subsidised by the Yakity Yak Kayak Club, so no charge, including no pool entry fee.  When you go through reception just tell them that you are with us and go on through.  We will be in the main pool.

The pool is booked 7.45pm - 9.15pm

We can help you with anything you would like to work on - rescues, Eskimo Rolling, paddle strokes, anything else you can think of.  You are able to bring your own kayak and gear if you wish (it needs to be clean), plus we recommend your PFD so that it is more realistic.  We can also bring a kayak along for you if you prefer though you must book this by 2pm on the day.

You do need to register please so we know how many are coming.

To register online, please click here...


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