Coromandel Harbour - Tuck's Bay

Thurs 1 – Mon 5 April 2021 – EASTER at Coromandel with Ruth

Laid-back Easter – Car-Camp at Tucks Bay end of the Long Bay Motor Camp at Coromandel.

Do day trips with whoever is there …very low-key, casual and informal … decide the night before on the next day’s activities and who will ‘lead’ what and when. Mix it up: take kayak and usual safety gear (inc. VHF if you have one), plus SUP, walking shoes, fishing rod, book…

High Tide throughout is about mid-day (Day light saving ends Sunday morn) so perfect for exploring Te Kouma and even Manaia harbours and of course the various islands, or up to Papa Aroha.

Dine out some nights, eat in others.

Book your tent site in the Tucks Bay half of the campground NOW.
Say you are with the Kayak group. (07 8668720) 
As at 22 March they were holding 5 sites for us. If you have a pup-tent we usually can fit two per site. Grab a friend, car-pool…and come!  

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