Notes for TMP

Notes to help when completing a Trip Management Plan (TMP).

The TMP will be stored for future us. Therefore the more information supplied the better.
When a trip is being repeated, the appropriate plan can be downloaded, reviewed and used.
You'll only need to fill in a new Two minute form.

The TMP is to be approved by your Club Captain or Technical Advisor to ensure all necessary factors have been considered.
The Check in person may be the Club Captain or a trusted party that will follow up if you do not report in as notified.

Complete a Trip Management Plan (TMP) when taking a Yakity Yak Club Trip. Get form here.

Insert a map of the activity or trip to the word document before sending to the Technical Advisor for approval. (see below)

The Additional Information section is for other useful information that is not safety related.
This section does not need to be signed off, although it would be a good idea to let the Technical Advisor see all the information. If it is not used feel free to delete the table.

Notes in the Trip Management Plan (TMP):

  1. What level of skill is required to participate?
  2. What level of qualification is required to run this activity?
    This may be as simple as a Sea Kayak Leader, White Water Leader; or it may need to specify a Grade Two White Water Leader.
  3. Spare
  4. Which chart or topo map covers this area? Delete the word Chart or Topo as required.
  5. Where are the emergency get outs for this activity?
  6. Where is drinking water available?
  7. Where are toilets located?
  8. Where is there parking?
  9. What specific equipment is required for this activity? e.g. Lights for night paddling, flags for crossing channels.
  10. Enter the communications equipment that works in this area. Delete those that are not applicable.
    If there are any black out areas, mark these on the map.
  11. Specific things to look at. Good lunch spots, points of interest, good teaching/ skills practice areas, links to useful websites.
  12. What are the maximum weather conditions found locally in which you can run this activity? Include expected conditions caused by local effects. e.g. shelter from cliffs, wind funneling from valleys etc.
  13. What incidents have occurred previously on this activity?
  14. Safety issues that are particularly relevant or specific to this activity. Add or Delete items from template as required. Do not leave the words "Other"
  15. How is the hazard dealt with?
  16. Spare
  17. Spare
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  19. Spare

    Two Minute Form

  20. Which TMP is being used? If using a filed management plan, record it's approval date too.
  21. What two forms of communications are you carrying. List more if you have them. 


Maps are to be attached to the TMP showing the recommended route, and showing important information where possible. This may include the location of rapids or other significant hazards, cell phone/ communication black spots (if identified) or other points of interest.

Google Maps

You can use google maps
Zoom in on the area you wish to paddle and take a screen shot. (Ctrl/Alt/Print Screen or use Snipping Tool if available.).  

Open paint and paste the screen shot. You can now draw on the map if you wish.
Save the file as a png or jpg.

Finding maps & charts using the LINZ website.

  1. Go here for Topo Maps
  2. Go here for Marine Charts
Following the instructions, choose the map or chart of the region you want and download a tiff file.(It's bigger)
Once downloaded, view the file in it's folder ( Right click "Show in folder")
Open the file in Windows File Viewer or similar. (Paint will not work with tif files.)
Maximise the window to fill the screen.
Zoom in on the area you wish to paddle and take a screen shot. (Ctrl/Alt/Print Screen).

Open paint and paste the screen shot. You can now draw on the map if you wish.
Save the file as a png or jpg.
You can print these and draw by hand or use an art program such as paint or photoshop.
These are then scanned or photographed to be saved as a jpg.

Loading Approved TMPs to the website.

Scan the signed document and save it as an image.(JPG or PNG)
Log in to the back end of the website (using
Create a new page under Customer service/Safety/Management Plans/[choose your area]
Copy this image and put at the top of the page. icon printer3 Printable Version
Link to the original word file for printing.Upload ​original word files in the image manager to Home/files/Trip Management Plans/
Add a Heading for the trip. E.g Maori Carvings Tour
Insert the image of the TMP using the website image manager.​
Upload images in the image manager to Home/files/Trip Management Plans/
Resize to 900 pixels wide.
All pages in Landscape.
You will need to load as many images as there are pages.

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