Operations Managers/ Technical Advisors

Check in Person

The TMP is to be approved by your Operations Manager or Technical Advisor to ensure all necessary factors have been considered.
The Check in person may be the Operations Manager or a trusted party that will follow up if you do not report in as notified.

Operations Manager

– Field deployment & Documentation

The Centre Owner will often be the Operation Manager and have direct responsibility for the overall running of activities and trips.
  1. The Operations Manager has the prime responsibility for the safety of Yakity Yak Kayak Club Leaders and members.
  2. The Operations  Manager has the prime responsibility to ensure that all operations are run to and in accordance with, the SMS.
  3. Activity information must be accessible to the Operations Manager at all times, regardless of his/her location. (Paper copies taken or web access via smart phones or similar)

Technical Advisor

A technical advisor is someone with a recognised level of specific expertise. This expertise should be higher than is required for leading or supervising the activity at the level offered.

The technical advisors role is to give consideration to:
  • new areas to be paddled
  • course outlines
  • review accidents & incidents

Technical Advisory Panel

The Technical Advisory Panel (TAP), made up of Owners/Operation Managers, oversee review Activity Management Plans on-line as required.
The TAP will also review, annually, all existing activity plans to minimise ‘risk creep’.
If this panel does not have substantial knowledge of an area or the skills required then, appropriate, external advice will be sought before approval is given.
By implementing the TAP each Operations Manager will get a wider perspective as to the type of activity they are running or proposing to run and the associated risks and remedies.
These actions linked with the existing Professional Development Training we undertake each year, makes for a very robust oversight of activities.

Members of the panel are:
Peter Townend        
Rob Howarth
Russell Williams
James Fitness

Dave Atkins
Laura Clayton
Peter van Lith
Andy Blake


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