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Long Bay, Okura and the marine reserve is under threat from further increased, intensive land development. Your help is urgently required.


The Long Bay Okura Great Park Society is a community group set up over 15 years ago to preserve the parks, coastline and marine reserve in this area.

After two major Environmental Court cases costing $500,000, the society sought and obtained binding rulings that limited the impact of development along the Long Bay-Okura coastline.

This helped protect our unique coastline and marine reserve.

This is now under threat..........................

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'Paddling is fun!The club provides a safe opportunity for me to push my boudaries, improve my skills and enjoy expolring our stunning environment. Paddling nourishes my spirit, renewing my mind, body and soul. It is a chance to get away from everyday hustle and bustle.' Irene, long time BOP club member.

'This is a great group of people who continuously choose to hang out together on the water at any opportunity. Great company. We even become a village on the move and camp together for days and days on end. And at the end of each camp we all swear we are going to come back and do it all again next year. And there are all sorts. The laid back easy paddlers as well as the adventurous limit pushing paddlers. There is always company to be had for any occasion.' Joya