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Come and join us and discover what you've been missing. Our unique not-for profit trust is a regional network of clubs which all run exciting kayaking adventures across New Zealand. Trips are available on a range of rivers, lakes, estuaries and seas to suit all abilities. All you have to do is find enough time to fit them all in. The trips we do are amazing, the people are friendly and you will have memories of a life time with our kayak club. Discover another world in your own backyard and you'll discover another side to yourself along the way.
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Welcome to the Yakity Yak Kayak Club

We're a friendly bunch of people who are always heading out on exciting paddling adventures. We paddle, chat, eat and explore. We don’t have club rooms that need painting or committees that talk a lot. We encourage all abilities to get involved and discover what you've been missing. Our club is quite unique, offering access to trips being run all over the country through our network of regional clubs. You can do as much as little as you wish.

When joining, to get you started on the right path, you complete an enrolment training course. This covers all you need to know to start attending club trips so you're safe and more confident out on the water. It includes capsize and rescue techniques, paddle strokes and kayak control plus some theory on topics such as trip planning, equipment, weather etc.

We encourage members to continue learning by attending further courses like eskimo rolling, surf landings and leaders training. We believe the higher the skill and knowledge level of the paddlers, the more fun we all have and the safer trips become.The focus is on everyone developing strong skills and a deep knowledge, so as a group we can go exploring knowing we are well prepared.This gives new paddlers a lot of confidence, surrounded by experienced paddlers and within no time they are paddling like an old hand and helping out the new ones in turn.

 “Discover another world” is our motto, and you will love the huge range of adventures that will open up to you as a Yakity Yak Kayak Club member. Some of my favourites are a six day camping holiday on the Whanganui River, or paddling to a local pub for dinner, exploring a local estuary or island, fishing for dinner or having a blast on the Mohaka River.

This is what we do and you can come too.

Peter Townend

Just click here to join or if you have more questions and need to know more, or contact your nearest Yakity Yak Co-ordinator listed below.

Why not check out some of our club videos and photos to see what we've been up to lately?

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Long Bay, Okura and the marine reserve is under threat from further increased, intensive land development. Your help is urgently required.


The Long Bay Okura Great Park Society is a community group set up over 15 years ago to preserve the parks, coastline and marine reserve in this area.

After two major Environmental Court cases costing $500,000, the society sought and obtained binding rulings that limited the impact of development along the Long Bay-Okura coastline.

This helped protect our unique coastline and marine reserve.

This is now under threat..........................

Please Give a Little - or a lot...  at


Upcoming Trips


Lake Waikaremoana Labour Weekend - BOP

One of the most beautiful and interesting places to paddle in New Zealand, with stunning scenery, waterfalls, bluffs and caves to explore.

YYNS - Night Paddle with Richard

Mairangi Bay to Takapuna
Click link above for details

Celebration of Rob Howarths time at Canoe and Kayak North Shore

Sunday 30th October at 5pm
2/32 Sanders Avenue

YYNS - Night Paddle with Richard

Birkenhead Wharf to Devonport
Click link above for details

Lake Rotoiti & the Hot Pools - BOP

Enjoy a scenic paddle exploring this beautiful lake, with a stop half way for a soak at the Hot Pools.
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Buying or Hiring a Kayak?

When you’re first starting out it can be a difficult decision to know which kayak is right for you...
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Transporting your Kayak?

There are many ways in which you can transport one or more kayaks. Check with a roof rack specialist to see which set up is right for you.


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