Club Structure

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Check in Person

The NZ LAKE AND COAST TMP is pre-approved. 
The Check-in person is a trusted party that will follow up if you do not report in as notified.

Club Captains Responsibilities

The Club Captain is responsible for the coordination and general running of the Yakity Yak Kayak Club, it’s leaders and members in their region. This is an annual appointment voted on by members.
A Club Captain should be:

  • Friendly and helpful to club members.
  • Prompt and organised for the activities they’re involved in.
  • Knowledgeable & skilful.
  • Appropriately qualified.
  • Enthusiastic about kayaking while enjoying time with members.
  • Able to include new people in activities.

A Club Captain’s role is to:

  • To organise monthly Club Nights – arrange guest speakers, demonstrators, activities
  • To write fortnightly email newsletters which promote club nights, new trips, upcoming events
  • To organise and chair six-monthly trip planning meetings for Leaders e.g. in May and November
  • To organise in conjunction with the Club Manager, Leaders training sessions
  • To keep records/collate records of Leaders trips, training, first aid certificates

Club Captain: He/she does not have to be an advanced or very experienced paddler but:

  • must be a motivator
  • must be popular/likeable
  • must be almost unflappable
  • must have time to devote to his/her role

Club Captain is supported by a Club Manager – who is an organiser.

Club Vice-captain

Club Vice-Captain Job Description or Role:

  • To assist the Club Captain in all of his/her assigned roles and responsibilities.
  • To deputize for the Club Captain in their absence.

Election process:
Nominations and voting from the regional club membership.
Annual selection and election, at a club night, or a fixed club night, annually after the AGM.
All Club Captains will go through an induction process.

Technical Advisor

A technical advisor is someone with a recognised level of specific expertise. This expertise should be higher than is required for leading or supervising the activity at the level offered.

The technical advisors' role is to give consideration to:
  • new areas to be paddled
  • course outlines
  • review accidents & incidents

Technical Advisory Panel

The Technical Advisory Panel (TAP), made up of Owners/Operation Managers, oversee review Activity Management Plans on-line as required.
The TAP will also review, annually, all existing activity plans to minimise ‘risk creep’.
If this panel does not have substantial knowledge of an area or the skills required then, appropriate, external advice will be sought before approval is given.
By implementing the TAP each Operations Manager will get a wider perspective as to the type of activity they are running or proposing to run and the associated risks and remedies.
These actions linked with the existing Professional Development Training we undertake each year, makes for a very robust oversight of activities.

Members of the panel are:
Peter Townend
Russell Williams
James Fitness

Peter van Lith



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