Club Structure

See the Flow Chart here

Chairpersons Responsibility

To chair the board to achieve the objectives of the Club.
To employ and manage any paid staff and ensure they have any support that is needed to fulfil their role.
To approve the Leaders to lead trips and ensure they have any support that is needed to fulfil their role.

Board Responsibility

Consisting of people who are keen kayakers who would like to support and help manage the objectives of the Club.

Club Administration person

To coordinate the;
Membership database including renewals.
Website content and Up Coming Trip data base
Send out the fortnightly email and manage in-coming emails.
Facebook page
Marketing plan
To keep records/collate records of Leaders trips, training, first aid certificates renewal dates.

Leaders Responsibilities

The Club Leader is responsible for the coordination and general running of the Yakity Yak Kayak Club Trip they lead.

A Club Leader should be:

  • Friendly and helpful to club members.
  • Prompt and organised for the activities they’re involved in.
  • Knowledgeable & skilful.
  • Appropriately qualified.
  • Enthusiastic about kayaking while enjoying time with members.
  • willing and able to follow the SMS proceedures.
  • Able to include new people in activities.

Check in Person

The Check-in person is a trusted person of the Trip Leader that will follow up if you do not report in as notified.
They should also have access to Peter and James phone numbers if they need support.

Members of the Board are:
Peter Townend
James Fitness



General enquires: