Leaders must have:

  • Been inducted and trained on an approved Leaders Training Course.
  • A valid first aid certificate (no older than two years).
  • Unit standards 424, 26551, 26552 are suitable.
  • A current River Safety Rescue Course Certificate (for river paddling only).
  • A VHF Operators Licence unless paddling only in terrain that makes them inoperative.
  • Complete and log at least five hours approved professional development per year.
  • Have their personal equipment inspected by their Club Captain every 12 months.
  • Lead at least 4 days per year.
  • To be re-validated every two years on presentation of your log book.

With thanks to these volunteer leaders, the Yakity Yak Kayak Club can continue to provide safe trips for all our members to enjoy.
Why not become a leader yourself?

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