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Thank you for your interest in joining the Yakity Yak Kayak Club.

Annual Club Membership Costs:

Individual membership - $75 per year
Family membership (living at same address)  - $115 per year
When paying with PayPal, there is a $5.00 service charge.
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When joining, to get you started on the right path, you complete an enrollment training course. This covers all you need to know to start attending club trips so you're safe and more confident out on the water. It includes capsize and rescue techniques, paddle strokes, and kayak control plus some theory on topics such as trip planning, equipment, weather, etc. To participate in club trips you must first complete an Enrolment Course or White Water Kayak Skills Course which is run by our sponsor, Canoe & Kayak. If you sign up for the club at the same time as doing your course, you will receive an in-store credit at Canoe & Kayak.
Having completed the course, you must either attend a Yakity Yak beginners Trip or join a Canoe & Kayak tour to cement the skills you have learned.

The cost of the one-day Enrolment Course is:
Individual: $295 
More information on these courses can be found on the website here.

We encourage members to continue learning by attending further courses like Eskimo rolling, surf landings, and leaders training. We believe the higher the skill and knowledge level of the paddlers, the more fun we all have and the safer trips become. The focus is on everyone developing strong skills and deep knowledge, so as a group we can go exploring knowing we are well prepared. This gives new paddlers a lot of confidence, surrounded by experienced paddlers and within no time they are paddling like an old hand and helping out the new ones in turn. All our courses are run by Canoe & Kayak, so if you'd like more information, want advice, or have any questions about the courses, please contact your nearest Canoe & Kayak Centre. Contact details here.

Benefits of being a member include: 
  • Your membership is nationwide
  • All trips are free (unless otherwise stated)
  • Year-round trips
  • An in-store credit at Canoe & Kayak when signing up for your skills course
  • There is also the ability to further your skills with other courses, in particular, Leaders Training
  • Club discounts on selected products at Canoe & Kayak and Roof Rack Centre stores.
  • You don't need to have a kayak of your own to join the club, we have a range of kayaks and equipment you can hire, which will help you decide what suits you before buying your own.
  • You will meet great people and have fantastic adventures!
Past members who would like to get involved with the club again or current members wanting to update their contact details please contact us at For non-members wanting to join please complete the form below. 
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