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I was brought up in Northland in the 60s and was introduced to the outdoors from an early age, in particular the marine paradise that is within easy access.  My introduction to kayaking was through the scouting movement and I restored and paddled a canvas Canadian style canoe at aged 15 with a couple of Venturer mates.  At university the sea still beckoned and scuba diving became a passion. I went on to become a qualified open water instructor.

My current kayaking adventures started when Larraine and I had a trip at Abel Tasman in January 2004.  Impressed by the extension to our outdoor activity repertoire we returned to Auckland and proceeded to complete the Introductory Sea Kayak course run by Canoe and Kayak.  When returning to the shop to purchase our own kayaks we took a bigger step and purchased the shop.  The rest is history.  We have been actively kayaking ever since and we take extreme pleasure in introducing new paddlers to the wonderful world on the water.

I am now qualified to NZKI 5 Star level, hold my Grade 2 Multisport Certificate, British Canoe Union 3 Star, and dabble in White Water kayaking.



My first trip in a sea kayak was in Abel Tasman National Park.  I wasn’t very good at it and thankfully Russ and I were in a double so he could do all the hard work, but I had a wonderful time and wanted to have another go when back in Auckland.  We did the C&K Sea Kayak Skills Course, and the short story is that instead of buying kayaks, we bought the shop - we were well and truly hooked.  I have been kayaking hard ever since and thanks to the Canoe & Kayak support and on-going training, my skills have improved enormously.
Thanks to my own shaky start, at Auckland C&K we have an understanding of those new paddlers who are a bit nervous, or lacking in strength and fitness.  Believe me, if I can do it, you can too.  I now enjoy exploring the wonderful coastline we have on our doorstep.

I have been paddling for ten years and am now a qualified sea kayak instructor, have my British Canoe Union 3 Star, Grade 2 Multi-sport certificate, and am learning to love white water.




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