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Meet the Team

dave kaituna
Dave Atkins moved to New Zealand in March 2011 after working in the kayaking industry in manufacturing and retailing for the last 12 years in the UK.
From a young age he paddled in K1 racing kayaks and then competed in slalom and his skills developed in to white water kayaking. He is a skilled sea kayaker too and has a passion for kayak surfing here in the Mount.
As an instructor Dave is keen to see people try all aspects of the sport and develop their skills in a structured but fun way.
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Estelle Leyshon has always wanted to live in New Zealand and after many visits she made the Bay of Plenty her home. She worked at as the retail manager of a large canoe & kayak shop in the UK for many years and decided to run her own shop here in the Bay. She's a recreational paddler, with a passion for open canoeing and sea kayaking. However, she learnt in white water kayaks and still enjoys jumping in a short kayak every now and then.
She's keen to see families take up the sport and for kids to learn the good kayaking skills early on. You'll find her on many of the Yakity Yak Club trips taking many photos along the way.

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Zane Jensen Multisporter
As a natural Kiwi kayaker, Zane has developed his skills in a short space of time and enjoys a variety of different paddling, including white water, surf kayaking and multisport. He is currently progressing through his NZKI qualifications.
Already he's competed in one Coast to Coast challenge and is now looking to repeat it again in 2016. You'll find Zane in the shop with a big smile to greet you and an enthusiasm that will make you keen to get out there kayaking
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Rush and Honey are as much part of the team as everyone else and can be found in the shop on most days. These hounds love to play are will keep adults and children entertained for hours! You may see them out on a kayak every now and then too.

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