North Shore

Rob Howarth(copy) Rob has been kayaking for 30 years and has been involved in coaching for 20! He started his kayaking career in the UK , paddling slalom and then shortboat whitewater. "I have paddled all over the world but I finally left the UK and the Rat Race to settle in NZ. Now I paddle sea, multisport and whitewater!!"


* British Canoe Union level 4 coaching award in whitewater
* NZKI (New Zealand Kayak Instructor) Level 5 coach and Assessor for Sea & Whitewater Kayaking.


Jane joined the club as a beginner in January 2006, and at Rob's suggestion participated in the Leaders Training Course over winter that year. She successfully completed her Instructors qualifications with C&K (NZKI 2*) in September 2007. She obtained her white water Grade 2 certificate in May 2008 though she says she has no intention of doing Coast to Coast! She is also heavily involved in Waterwise, a water safety and skills programme run in primary and Intermediate schools, especially on the kayak side where she is responsible for training Instructors.

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