Leader Training

Rothesay Bay, November 14th 1pm to 4pm, followed by a BBQ at 5pm at Peter and Treffery’ s place 15 Okura River Road Albany.

We have had a rather disrupted 18 months with Covid, so lets all start this new season with some leader training.  This session is for all our current trip leaders, plus those who would like to become a leader.

The on water time will focus on three key elements of us safety leading trips. It will be led by Peter Townend and be run in a collective way so that the many experienced people can also take a lead role in areas they are proficient in.


  1. Personal skills development, focusing on how do I keep myself in control of my kayak so I can focus on the group.  This will develop the paddlers' skills through a range of techniques and pass on the coaching points to allow you to continue to hone your skills.
  2. Rescue skills to deal with the occasional capsize or medical issues we see while leading groups, simple, fast, effective ways to get your group back enjoying the day.
  3. Situational awareness, the ability to predict things going wrong and the need to be ‘owl like’ when things do go wrong.
  4. We will talk and paddle through a number of situations that have popped up in the past and collectively look at, and practise, the options open to a leader in dealing with each situation.


This will be a wet session and so please come well dressed and feed, with heaps of extra gear, food and fluids.

Could you also bring your normal rescue gear along, including electronics, first aid and survival gear you would take when leading.

Afterwards we will 
gather at Peter and Treff's where we will start at 5pm with dinner around 6ish.

Please let Peter know if you have any dietary requirements and how many will be coming.  Please bring your partners and kids if they would like to come.

We will be cooking and eating outside (weather permitting) and will also have a fire pit going, so please dress for the conditions. Food and drinks are supplied.

No costs.

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