NZKI One Star

NZKI One Star Assessment

The NZKI One Star assessment is a measure of your kayaking knowledge and ability.  This assessment is suitable for any competent beginner or intermediate paddler.  The skills and knowledge required is mostly what you covered in the Sea Kayak Skills Course, though we recommend that you also complete the Weather, and Rescues, Tows and Advanced Paddle Strokes courses.

Sunday 14 July.  We start at the 502 Sandringham Road, at 10am with a 30 minute multi-choice paper covering basic kayaking knowledge, and common sense.  After lunch we head out for the practical assessment which looks at your paddling and rescue skills.  Getting wet is required, so dress appropriately - a wet-suit is good if you have one.  On-water venue TBA.

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This is part of our Winter Training Programme and is necessary for anyone wanting to go on to become a trip leader. 

$195 (there will be a 50% subsidy for club members).

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