Navigation Exercises

Sunday 9 June.  Organisers are Luke & Diana.  

Meet at Sullivan’s Bay at 9am for 9:30 briefing.
Getting there - head north on the motorway and go through the tunnel.  About 5km past the tunnel there is a sign pointing to Mahurangi West.  Turn right and continue along that road and you will come to a Y junction - turn right and continue to the end.

This is not officially part of the Navigation Course, but is only open to those who were on the course or have done it previously, and to those who have appropriate navigational skills.  Note that this is not a lesson in navigation, it is putting your new/current skills into practice. Plenty of assistance is available for those who can't quite remember how it all goes, and some exercises are done in pairs. There will be exercises covering magnetic and true north, taking bearings, plotting courses, allowing for tidal and wind drift, and paddling to compass bearings.

Current trip leaders should attend if possible as this is a great practical refresher, and good fun.  This always gets  rave reviews from those who participate.
Navigation exercises are to be held in the area generally bounded by Sullivan’s Bay, Scott's Landing, Saddle Island and Brazier Rock, so distances are short and you really can't get lost even if your navigation is a bit dodgy.
GPS units of any kind are not allowed (and besides, you would only be cheating yourself).  This is not a race nor a competition! 
If the predicted wind is above 20 knots the exercises will be reviewed and modified if possible to enable them to continue. If it is not possible to modify the exercises so that they can be undertaken safely, training day to be postponed.
Communicating on either VHF Channel 06 or 08, both will be used depending on the exercise being undertaken. Instruction will be given at the time on which Channel to be used for which exercise.
Mobile phones may also be used, although coverage is not good at Sullivan’s Bay.
VHF Channel 60 or 64 for Auckland Coast Guard.

Hire kayaks available and the trailer will be going.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

We are not giving you a list of things to bring, but think about what you might need - this is part of the training!

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