Rescues, Tows & Paddle Strokes

Rescues, Tows & Paddle Strokes

Tuesday 14 May, and Sunday 2 June

You covered the basic rescues and paddle strokes in your Skills Course, but there is a lot more that you can learn. 

We do the rescues on a Tuesday evening in the warm water of the swimming pool (it is winter after all!) We go over the Paddle Float and T-Rescue as a refresher, but also cover such things as Stern Deck Carry; Bow Carry; Eskimo Rescue; Swimming Rescue; Heel Hook; use of slings; contact tow, and more.  This is useful for anyone who wants to expand their repertoire.

Then on Sunday 9am-4pm we find a sheltered spot to develop and enhance your basic paddle strokes, and add some extras, including useful skills such as bow rudder, sculling, railing, and towing.
Please bring your paddle float and PFD to the pool session as well as the day on the water.

Leaders, please remember that you are welcome to come along and join in at no charge, just let us know that you are coming. 

This is part of our Winter Training Programme

Tuesday 14 May at Henderson West Wave Pool; and Sunday 2 June 
$195 (there will be a 50% subsidy for club members, and 100% subsidy for current trip leaders).

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