Surfing at Orewa

Weekly, at Orewa after work, if conditions suit.  We will be there from about 5.00pm with a trailer load of sit-on-tops, sea kayaks and white water kayaks.  You are welcome to join us for some fun.  The surf at Orewa is usually small and gentle enough inshore for beginners on sit-on-tops, occasionally challenging for experienced paddlers especially at the mouth of the estuary. 

If you haven't done it before we will give you some basic instruction to get you going. This is a great way to improve your skills and confidence.   Note that this is not a course, it is playtime.  About 7.30pm we pack up and head down to the café for burgers and beer.  Even if the surf is very small, there is usually enough to have some fun, and even if it is completely flat we can paddle around, have a swim etc. Note that you should always check the website before you go up to see if it is on, or not (we post a confirmation or cancellation early afternoon on the day).   $10 to use our gear. 

Launch near the Orewa Surf Club.

No need to register if you are taking your own gear, but if you would like us to take a kayak up for you, we require you to register by 3pm (please specify what type of kayak - sit-on-top, sea kayak, white water).  If it is after 3pm and you suddenly decide you need a kayak, try phoning the shop, but we might already be loaded and gone.

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