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Taupo Yakity Yak Kayak Club


Due to popular demand the Taupo Yakity Yak Club is back!  So lets all get together and do what we love the most... Go kayaking!  If you're interested in learning to how kayak, or joining the Club then pop into the shop to see what its all about... we'd love to meet you!

Benefits of joining the Club:
-Join a social network dedicated to kayaking, exploring beautiful places and having fun whilst doing so
-Receive top quality kayaking instruction - in either Sea Kayaking or White Water
-10% off most items in store
-50% off when hiring kayaks and equipment
-Discounts on further training courses
-Invites on all Club trips which will be based locally, nationally and abroad
-Meet new people from Taupo and all over NZ (from other YY Clubs... largest club in NZ!)
-Go on fantastic trips without dealing with the planning and logistics yourself
-Access to friendly advice and a store stocked with everything you might need/want!
-Monthly wine and cheese evenings

How to become a Clubbie:
To ensure that all Clubbies have a strong base foundation of skills and knowledge everyone must participate in a 2 day skills course (Sea Kayaking or White Water) before going on Club trips.  These courses are focused on progressively upskilling your kayaking techniques, teaching self and peer rescues, expanding on your existing knowledge of weather, navagation and trip planning.  For information on our courses and trips click here.

$80 per person per year.  Additional costs apply on each Club trip you participate in, however it is on a cost share basis so the price remains low.
...Some photos of our trips...
TaupoTastersmall1 Taupotastersmall2

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07 378 1003

54 Spa Rd, Taupo