Evening Paddle with Richard

Wednesday Evening Paddle - usual Leader is Richard Saysell, Phone 027 5270186 09 4280894; Vehicle Kia Sportage Blue HNZ427
Other Leaders may take the trips from time to time.

You need to have completed a Kayak Skills Course with Canoe & Kayak, and be a club member to come along on club trips.  Details...

Note: when going to a pub, you will need to take your Vaccine Pass to enter.

30-Mar  Browns Bay  to  Campbells Bay                         9 km

To register online, please click here...
You MUST have a contactable phone number as trips can be cancelled at short notice.

Unless otherwise stated our meet time is 6:30 and on the water 6:45; or up to 7 for further away starts.
Times are tight so please don't be late.   
All trips return to the start point
Distances vary from 8 to 14K (Check Schedule)
Times back vary but usually by 10:00pm, maybe later on pub trips or Rangi climb.

What to bring
  • All round White light attached to kayak (at least 1M above deck)
  • Waterproof Torch with 2 N Mile Visability
  • Reflective Tape on Kayak and Paddle PFD
  • VHF if you have one (we always use Ch 8)
  • Hi Vis Jacket, Thermals (its colder at night)
  • Whistle
  • Booties
  • Drinking water, hot drink and nibbles for stop over at destination
  • Dry Clothes in Dry Bag
  • Pub Clothes for pub trips
Skill level - you must be able to handle 0.5m surf landings (for outer harbour trips) and paddle for 2 hr;
Recognise meaning of other boats lights (we will train you)

Weather Parameters - set lower than for day trips, 15k max winds (in the area we are paddling)


General enquires: