Marine VHF Communication

Marine VHF Radio Communication -

Marine VHF Radio is the most important communication device available to us on the water.  In an emergency you can call for help and get a response, not only from Coastguard, but anyone else in the area who is listening in - your saviour might be just a few minutes away in the next bay.  Having a VHF radio saved the life of one of our club members in recent years.

But your radio is not just for emergencies - we use ours on every trip out on the water.  We log trip reports with the Coastguard so that they know where we are heading.  And of course there is the very useful weather channel.  Coastguard provides a continuous weather forecast, and also the now-cast which enables you to know exactly what is going on out there so that you can make informed decisions while out on the water.  It is also used for communication between members of your group.

You learn how to use the radio, learn the correct protocol and language, and you will be well prepared to do your online assessment.  You will also need to register with CoastGuard for your call sign.

Held at 502 Sandringham Rd, Sandringham, starting at 7pm. Thursday 11 July

Everyone welcome. $80.  Club leaders receive a 100% subsidy and club members received 50% subsidy.

To register online, please click here...

You need to learn the phonetic alphabet as below -

Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo
Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet
Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar
Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango
Uniform Victor Whiskey X-Ray Yankee


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