Lake Tarawera & Hot Water Beach

Sadly this trip is cancelled due to the weather forecast.

Sunday 2nd December
Join Estelle to explore this beautiful lake with its stunning backdrop. The 1886 eruption, which killed 153 people and raised the lake surface by 12 metres, shaped the Tarawera landscape. The lake drains eastward through the Tarawera River, over spectacular falls.
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The plan is to paddle from the Tarawera Landing at the end of Tarawera Road to Hot Water Beach on the shores of the lake. The natural hot springs under the sand provide a relaxing, warm swim. They're found on the southern arm of Lake Tarawera, and are accessible by boat, so brings your swim gear too. Covering about 18-20km so you'll need to have some 15km trips under your belt to handle the distance in one day.

Lots of hot water swimming so bring swimming attire. We expect to be off the water by 4:30pm .

Meet at the shop at 8:30am, it's about a 1.5 hour drive to the lake, so we will aim to be on the water 10:15am (alternatively you can meet us at the lake at this time). Space in the van/trailer is on a first come first serve basis.


Bring lunch, togs and towel.

Estelle will be leading. Hire kayaks & gear from Canoe & Kayak BOP, are available and can be transported.Let us know you if want to come and whether you're meeting us there or at the shop to car pool or want a ride in the van. 0220918605

All attendees need to have completed a 2 day skills course and be current club members.

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