South Island Adventure 2022

Approximately Feb-April 2022

After our wonderful trip to the South Island earlier this year, there was so much that we didn't have time to do, and a number of new trails have opened since then, we have decided that we must go back again next year.

Approx early Feb to late April Russ, Larraine, and Colin are going on another extended trip around the South Island.  We will be kayaking, biking, and walking, moving from place to place as we feel the urge.  We would again like to invite club members to join us for all or part of this journey.

At present we are just looking for expressions of interest so that we can keep you up to date with new developments as they arise.

To come with us you will need to be self-sufficient, and independent.  We are not offering to be trip leaders, it will be a collaboration, it is our holiday.  We are open to suggestions as to what we do, we are very flexible, and will have a planning meeting some time.

The multi-day cycle trails are best done with a tour company that books your accommodation, transports your bags from place to place and shuttles you back to your vehicle at the end.  Last year we did the 7 day Alps to Ocean Trail (A2O) with Trail Adventures; and the 4 day Otago Rail Trail.  We thought that the Otago Rail Trail would be great for those who are new to off-ride riding so if you want to do that one, I suggest that you book it for the beginning of your trip. The A2O was more challenging, but still quite doable for those with limited experience. If you are wanting to do any of these pre-booked trips you need to get onto it early or you might miss out.  

I recommend an e-bike if you are not sure about your biking fitness as there are some long/steep climbs.  You should also have a bike with some suspension otherwise you are up for a bouncy ride.

We will definitely be doing the new Lake Dunstan Trail... and others around Central Otago.

We have chosen Feb-April as the schools have all gone back, and the weather is still warm enough.

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